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FMCG + Consumer

​The FMCG sector is a growing market for us here at AdMore and continues to go through significant change and transformation. The pandemic has accelerated changes in consumer behaviour from sustainability and health to convenience and personalisation.

Sustainability continues to be a key driver in FMCG with consumers becoming ever more environmentally conscious. This includes more sustainable products and packaging as well as more businesses committing to Net Zero.

Health and Wellness remains a top priority for many consumers and FMCG companies are responding by focusing on natural and organic products and those providing health benefits.

E-commerce remains one of the largest areas of growth within FMCG as companies look to drive their distribution directly with the consumer, using data, analytics and AI to personalise and improve the customer experience.

Given the current economic challenges private label continues to grow strongly as retailers develop products to meet the changing needs of consumers. This presents a threat to FMCG brands as they compete for market share, shelf space and maintaining prices. Building the strength of a brand is as important as ever.

We continue to support a range of FMCG businesses from large blue-chip multinationals to start up and challengers brands as they expand their Direct to Consumer (D2C) models This is across a variety of job functions including Brand marketing and National Accounts.