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Our culture + values

Our Culture + Values

In everything we do we strive to Be Kind, Be Useful and Be Commercial

Our culture is best described as being open, collaborative, supportive, flexible, agile, fun, inclusive, work with autonomy, appreciate each other's differences and have high expectations pf each other.

We live by the following five values

Embrace learning

We are a growing business with big ambitions and with that in mind we know we must always be willing to embrace new skills. We know what our team is striving towards and we support their learning where we can. We regularly review our consultants' skills and encourage them if they wish to learn new skills.

Improve Continuously

Recruitment consultancy is constantly shifting; therefore, we must change with it. Through regular 1-2-1s and team meetings we encourage our team to challenge the status quo and be innovative with tackling challenges.

Always Support

A day in the life of a recruitment consultant is never the same. On a daily basis our people absorb delight, excitement, disappointment and frustration in equal measure. From day one at AdMore you are submerged into a supportive culture that helps you on your journey.

Think commercially

We think strategically and behave tactfully. The business environment is constantly changing therefore we need to be able to adapt with it. We challenge each other to look at things from different angles to ensure we are commercial and seeking continuous commercial improvement.

Recognise Success

Perhaps this is the most important value at AdMore. We have a number of awards in place to recognise outstanding work. This includes the AdMore AdMire Award, High Flyers and our AdMore Records Board. We also remember to celebrate the little things – we are always very grateful for a decent cup of tea.

A quick peek at 'Embrace Learning' in action...

Unsurprisingly, the overall learning culture of AdMore is one of intellectual curiosity and continuous personal development.

Here is what you can expect as a partner at AdMore:

• You will undertake a structured 12-week foundation training program which is divided into modules. This is designed to blend theory and on the job training to get you into the role with full support from those around you quickly and competently. You will be mentally pushed and pulled and receive non-stop feedback. It will make your head hurt…. a lot

• All partners undertake testing and analysis to which identify what tasks and activities the individual most enjoys and where their strengths lie. The resulting analysis forms the basis of individual Personal Development Plans (PDP).

• We have a reward and recognition structure in place where by all of our partners have an outlined progression plan with goals to achieve, identifying exactly what is required to be promoted. This extends beyond standard KPI management, incorporating how you are delivering and how you are developing your behaviours.

• Each member of the team has documented, weekly 1-2-1 coaching sessions with their manager. Management style is tailored according to each partner and their respective learning styles and takes a mentoring approach to encourage autonomy.

• Each partner has a quarterly appraisal which looks at their overall performance and what further support or development is required for them to achieve their goals.

• Each year, our partners work through a behaviour framework which identifies what areas they need to focus on in order to progress their career.

• In addition to their development as a recruiter, each partner is encouraged to develop their broader skills by contributing to a variety of project work when possible.