How to avoid joining the wrong  business

How to avoid joining the wrong business

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9 months ago

by Giles Gallimore

How to avoid joining the wrong  business

15 questions you need to ask which may help you avoid joining the wrong business.

With many people experiencing disruptions to their careers as a result of the pandemic, making the right move now is very important. When considering accepting an offer it is worth ensuring you have done your due diligence to try and make sure it is right for you. While this is not exhaustive, asking yourself before accepting an offer, may help you in your decision.

1.Why is there a vacancy? Ask this question when you are briefed by an agency or the inhouse recruitment team in your first interview and ask this question in your final interview to ensure you understand the real reason for the vacancy.

2.How often is this position recruited? This is a very difficult question to ask in an interview but you need to know the answer. Linkedin provides a good opportunity to do some research and it may be worth making contact with a couple of past employees to informally ask them about the business and perhaps try and understand how often the role has been / is recruited.

3.Why do people leave the business? Ask everyone!

4.How many people have been promoted internally at my proposed level in the last 2-3 years? Who was the last person to be promoted and what did they do to achieve this? Understand the likely routes for progression is an important area to probe.

5.How is the business performing financially? Check out the last set of company accounts, press announcements etc this is particularly important given the challenging economic times we find ourselves in.

6.What is my prospective Line Manager like to work for? It is crucial you work hard to informally reference your new boss. Speak to people you trust to seek their opinion. Check out their Social Media (Linkedin/ Twitter) profiles.

7.What does your Mentor think? It often takes someone without prejudice to give you some simple and much needed honest advice.

8.What was the average bonus payment in the last financial year and what was the average payrise? If this is being discussed as part of the package what are the realities.

9.Do I fit the company culturally? Look at the company’s values and working culture. Do you like what you see? Does the reality match up with what is described in their marketing material? Again, talk to employees past and present.

10.Why do they want me? This is a difficult question to ask as you will want to believe it is because you are the best candidate. However, are there other reasons such as you will have inside knowledge on a competitor .

11.Does my consultant sound convinced that he/she is recruiting for a great business? It is worth working hard to build a good personal relationship with your consultant, there will be the odd snippet of information that could help you to make your decision.

12.Does the offer of employment and/or contract match what I have been told verbally? Don’t be afraid to dig deeply in to the T&Cs but be careful how you position your resulting queries.

13.When did the company last restructure and are there any plans to do so in the future? Look for a pattern, you will be amazed by how often companies restructure from one working model to another.

14.What impact will this move have on my personal brand or future career opportunities?

15.Am I taking this job because I want it or because I think I have to take it? Think about the longer term implications of taking a job for the wrong reasons.

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