Our Specialism

Retail Operations

This is where it all started and Retail Operations remains one of our core areas of expertise. We support retail businesses, both Blue-Chip and SMEs, with the recruitment of operational roles in particular Regional and Area Managers. We also recruit Store and General Managers.

Many of our team began their careers in Retail Operations and so have a deep and relevant understanding of the industry in addition to sharing an affinity with our candidates. This enables us to provide insight, guidance and support as your job search progresses.

AdMore recruit across the UK from our office in Surrey. For more information about how we can support your job search, please contact:

Russell Adams 07900 040606

Hospitality & Leisure

Our hospitality consultants are passionate about the fast paved nature of change and the constant innovation and diversity in this space, loving nothing more than to be on board with the next trend coming through. Whether this be delivery led, niche led, local indpendents or nationwide chains.

Across coffee, grab and go, fast food, restaurants, fine dining, pubs, bars, contract catering and hotels.

The leisure sector is literllay a hotbed of innovation, a space ready to explode as we as a society drink less however still want to socialise and spend our disposable income on experiences rather than products and as operators capitalise on this growth with ever more fantastic and exciting concepts.

Bowling alleys, cinemas, competitive gaming, escape rooms, gyms, leisure centres, sports arenas, golf courses, theme parks, museums and holiday parks amongst others.

We have a long-standing network in this sector and understand that in addition to being able to excel in the job maybe more importantly, candidates need to be culturally aligned with the brand in question.  To understand how we can support you, please contact:

Pete Smith 07584 132117

Digital, Marketing and Commercial (DMAC)

The future of retail is a passionately debated topic at all levels across the UK and globally. So what does the future hold for retail?

Some of the more common agreements from industry thought leaders are as follows;

• 'Phigital' – a completely connected physical and digital retail world is the future. Digital first strategies are more and more common place with increasing analysis of data showing how this actually drives business performance.

• Making the store environment feel really integrated and personalised. As the digital transformation of retail continues at pace, an even greater focus on enhancing the customer journey will become ever more prevalent.

• Greater investment in technology and less investment in opening 'bricks and mortar' to drive an ever frictionless shopping experience.

• Customised personalised marketing with new products and new brands

• Digital mannequins and in store experiences to drive engagement

• Key topics for retailers to be aware of are sustainability, community and fun in their environments.

Under pinning these rapid technological advances and changes are people. Competition for top talent within organisations across the full DMAC sphere is increasing daily and AdMore are excited by and committed to this industry and are integral to our clients attracting the best talent technically and culturally to fit their businesses needs now and in the future.

Under the DMAC umbrella we recruit across the following job functions;

Digital, Ecommerce, Marketing, Buying, Merchandising, Supply Chain, Distribution, Logistics and IT.

Within the rapidly growing digital and marketing arena a multitude of key areas are increasingly being recruited:

• UX / UI


• E-Commerce & Online Merchandising

• CRM & Email Marketing

• Marketing & Communications

• Content & Social Media

• Copywriting

• Design

• Product

Some typical roles that AdMore recruit within DMAC are;


• Head of Buying

• Head of Merchandising

• Marketing Director

• Head of Digital Marketing

• Head of Content

• Director / Head of Ecommerce

• Commercial Director

• Buying Director

• Merchandising Director

• Supply Chain Director

We have a track record of successfully completing assignments and identifying great talent across all these categories in the following sectors, DIY, Homewares, Food, Clothing and General Merchandise.

To discuss in detail, please click here or contact:

Suzanne Farrin 07585 605601

Head Office

We have a proven track record in the recruitment of head office and support roles across the different head office functions including Sustainability, Human Resources, Central Operations, Property, Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain and Finance.

We have a stong track record with recruiting at the mid to senior level across these critial support functions within our retail, hospitality, leisure and consumer clients.

For more information, please contact:

Russell Adams 07900 040606

Employability & Skills

We were initially approached by Employability businesses interested in sourcing candidates with different commercial backgrounds who had the transferable skills required to succeed in this interesting market.

We now support some of the major operators in Employability & Skills, recruiting roles such as Operations Director, Regional Manager, Service Delivery Manager and Supply Chain Manager.

For more information, please contact:

Russell Adams 07900 040606   


This is a fascinating and complex sector and we have a specialist team dedicated to supporting candidates in this area.

Our clients range from high street Healthcare retailers to national Pharmacy chains, Optical retailers, Dental practices, Audiology, Veterinary and Funeral services.

For more information, please contact

Russell Adams 07900 040606