Interview with Lisa Duxbury, UK&IE Recruitment Specialist, IKEA

Name:                              Lisa Duxbury

Role within IKEA:       UK & IE Recruitment Specialist


I joined IKEA as a co-worker in the Lakeside store working in customer services. After 18 months I joined the HR team as HR Administrator, and then went on to other roles in HR including store Recruitment Specialist, L&D Specialist and HR Generalist. I took part in some internal development programmes to then move on from the store and take the role of the HR Manager in our UK & IE Service Office. I have been in my current role for 2 years.

Lisa, how did you find the transition when you joined IKEA?

I joined IKEA way back in 1997! I remember getting lost in the store and meeting so many new people in the large store teams. But I remember feeling connected to IKEA very quickly and very soon feeling at home!

How does your role of HR Manager at IKEA differ from your previous role?

Really having a voice in the People Agenda in your unit! By working alongside the store team everyday and working in a multi functional way we can really ensure that we are making our stores a great place to work.

In your view, what are the key skills and qualities required for your role?

Openness to learning, being a strong leader and having a passion for developing people.

IKEA are known for recruiting the person rather than the CV, what makes someone stand out as a candidate for IKEA?

Being open to learning new things, being self aware and being you. I like to see a connection between people and the business together if possible.

What advice would you give to candidates attending an interview at IKEA?

Just be yourself and be open.

What is the biggest challenge in your role at present?

Looking after candidates in a good way so whatever the recruitment outcome, everyone has a positive experience meeting IKEA.

What will your next role be within IKEA?

I’d like to work in the store again!

And finally, what is the best thing about working for IKEA?

Working with likeminded people who share the same values and passion for making IKEA a great place to work!

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