About Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright

Associate Partner
Phone: 07760 887085

[email protected]

Matthew has over twelve years of experience working at the cutting edge of retail and hospitality customer service and operations led management. (He also worked in a call centre for a bit...) With a work ethic that is second to none he worked part time all through his A levels and his degree course, only briefly stopping when he decided to go and wander around East Asia during an extended period of travelling. Although, within two days of getting off the plane, he decided to stay on a particular island and work for a few weeks !!

After working very hard all day on behalf of his clients and candidates, Matthew can normally be found with a drill in one hand and a paint brush in the other, pursuing his love of DIY, building things and renovating properties. Eventually, relaxation comes in the form of a well deserved drink while watching a variety of sporting events, mainly rugby and cricket or visiting the cinema for the latest blockbuster film.