Recruitment Consultant, Graduate Scheme

Commission Structured career advancement

Sales and business development

South West

Employability and Skills



Job Description

Recruitment Consultant, Graduate Scheme, Weybridge, £18,000 - £24,000 ( Commission Structured career advancement)

Do you have a spare five minutes?

Raise your hand if you cannot wait to finally start earning lots of money!

Raise your hand if the thought of starting your career makes you feel ecstatic!

Now, raise your hand if you've been rejected many times because you don't have ' the right experience'?

But how are we meant to gain enough commercial experience whilst studying at university?

The truth is, not all companies need you to have commercial experience! You've just got to find one that is willing to invest in you as long as you are:

  • Self-motivated ?

  • Resilient ?

  • Competitive ?

  • Committed ?

  • Confident ?

As a Recruitment Consultant we absorb delight, excitement, disappointment and frustration in equal measures. What makes us different at AdMore is that we are surrounded by supportive people to help us deal with challenges as they arise. As well, we receive the best training from our colleagues who have expertise in recruitment and other commercial areas. With such support and carefully tailored training, you will soon get to grips with the role.

We might not have coffee and tea rounds but we have personalised career paths (we call it a pyramid). If you are committed, hard-working and want to do well, your efforts will be awarded, simple as that. Our transparent commission scheme is paid monthly and enables our recruiters to be directly rewarded for their performance.

Time's up!

If the above sounds great and you would like to be a part of a motivated, funny (like Pete), caring, supportive and honest team then apply below! Additionally, if you do not have your CV ready then feel free to get in touch with Alma Hysenaj on 07719910987.