Post Brexit: I am French and I am fine!

I woke up on Friday morning at 5:15am by numerous texts from my friends. My first thought was that someone I knew was at the Hospital (I never received that many texts that early in the morning). Second thought and taking time reading those texts: here we are, the UK population has voted: LEAVE. “Where does that leave you?” “Have you packed already?” “I have a job for you back in France Celia” Moving on from a couple of jokes I just want to say that I am fine. There is uncertainty at the moment on what the situation of the UK will be in the next couple of weeks, months, years… however, I am not going anywhere. I will still believe in the UK, still work for a great business and contribute to the growth of the country as much as I can. Difficult times might come ahead but I am ready to cope with it, growing and learning more and more everyday to grow my career in the UK. It was my choice to settle down here and I do not feel threatened or the pressure to leave! I have been very lucky to study and find a job in this country. We will learn more about what is going to happen in the UK in the next couple of weeks, and I DO feel that the UK is my second and adopted country, I do not feel like a foreigner at all and I am proud to have succeeded here so far. Some people will think I have stolen someone else’s job? Well I do not feel like I have at all, the competition is tough in the market like it is in a lot of countries, am I going to apologise for this? ABSOLUTELY NOT as after all businesses wants to try to recruit the best people for their own company! I am French and I feel fine!